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Jinjiang LingYuan HongAn Machinery is a mechanical plant design, machinery and electronics, manufacturing as one of the professional manufacturers, since the venture has been adhering to the "people-oriented, to create a better future" business philosophy.
In recent years, with great concentration, the company developed the production shoes series At the end, are a new generation of shoes, sold their products at home and abroad, the majority of the popular customer Favor.
The Company’s production of rubber soles automatic machine, in contrast prototyping machine, hot and cold machine, EVA pressure foam grain machine, EVA foam secondary machine, the small foam molding machines, hydraulic machines, such as finding all kinds of hydraulic press , Rational design, material selection, durable, the vast number of users the best choice for the majority of users with technical guidance and maintenance services.
Hung On a man-made brand strategy in the scientific and technological innovation, quality, price system, marketing services, all done a lot of new scientific and standardized and effective measures firmly believe that these new measures will certainly create a modern enterprise Hung, for the majority of customers New, satisfactory service to lay a solid foundation.
Welcome to come, a letter with my company, we will serve you well, hand in hand, create brilliant.